White Paper
9th September 2022
Table of Contents
Background 4
Livaatverse Introduction 4
Metaverse Opportunities 5
Financial 5
Businesses 5
Technological 5
Metaverse Facts 5
Customers 5
Market Gap 5
Cost 5
Complexity 5
Why Livaatverse 6
Market gap 6
Target audience 6
Cost savings 6
Easy to use 6
Livaatverse Overview 6
One of a kind 6
Verified 6
First to market 6
Authentic 6
VR/AR Market in Numbers 7
Assistant 8
Why uses the Assistant? 8
Customization? 8
Assistant functionality 8
The Assistant can change its form into a screen 8
Pet assistant 8
Travel 8
Chat 9
Tutorial 9
Play Music 9
Play the latest news 9
Livaat ID 10
What is Livaat ID 10
Livaat ID Functions 10
QR code 11
Future of Livaat ID 11
Your ID is NFT and linked with Blockchain 11
Rankings for Livaat ID 11
Social Media Buttons 11
National Number 12
Elevator Pitch 12
Buildings 12
Services 12
Subscriptions 12
Financial services 13
Content 13
Competition 13
Metaverse Audience 14
Lands and NFTs 15
Map 15
Subscription 15
Membership 15
Levels of membership 15
Features for each membership 16

About Livaatverse


New online worlds are becoming part of our daily lives as we move forward in the digital transformation era. In 2020 we offered our Livaat Application to thousands of customers that have loved the product. The story is getting a new chapter as we introduce Livaatverse, a digital space that blends the best of digital and physical experiences. Livaatverse is the main project of Livaat Portal L.L.C., a subsidiary of UBITC Group. The different UBITC subsidiaries cover a comprehensive view of the production technology industry with companies like UB Tech Hub (Ultra Business Technology Hub) for application development and digital foundation, Kawalees for content management and media production, and Trixel Studios for creative 3d output.

Livaatverse Introduction

Livaatverse transforms the 2D digital live streaming experience into a seamless 3D environment that bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds.
Livaatverse represents the second phase in our long-term mission to redefine digital and online events. It's a world where every content creator can build their own Space without the physical world's limitations.
All you need is a VR headset to enter the new 3D online world of experiences.

Metaverse Opportunities


In 2021, the global metaverse market was estimated to be 38.85 billion US dollars.
In 2022, it is expected to rise to 47.48 billion US dollars.
By 2030, the metaverse market is estimated to reach 1.5 trillion US dollars.


Metaverse provides businesses with an opportunity to rethink engaging with customers.
As both a marketing and a customer service tool, Metaverse opens new possibilities for showcasing products and services.
In the future, it will become a valuable source of information on customer behavior.


Adopting new technologies is at the heart of the fourth industrial revolution and digital transformation. VR and AR technologies are playing a significant role in the transformation journey.

Metaverse Facts


Lack of awareness of the total capacity of opportunities as VR is still an emerging technology.

Market Gap

Young niche market with only a few existing industry players.


The cost of production, tools, and labor is relatively high.


Metaverses are complex entities that are not yet user-friendly.

Why Livaatverse

Market gap

Our offering is unique on the market with a big difference in the user's experience.

Target audience

The solution is customizable for different segments and age groups like millennials and gen Z.

Cost savings

Reduce expenses in product replacement by reducing the need for hardware and workforce.

Easy to use

User-friendly design that gives customers a smooth experience with relevant information in hand.

Livaatverse Overview

One of a kind

The only product in the MENA region is in the VR and immersive metaverse market.


Tested by top experts in the field.

First to market

The first beautifully designed product is considered both stylish and functional​.


It was Designed in collaboration with top experts in the field ​of design and media.

VR/AR Market in Numbers

Annual Revenue Opportunity of $1.5 Trillion
Transaction values in the metaverse ecosystem vary with biggest ones being as big as 2 Million U.S. dollars
VR/AR market size to grow from $21 Billion 2020, to $98 Billion in 2025
The CAGR of VR/AR is 33% from 2020 to 2025

Livaat ID

What is Livaat ID

Livaat ID is a player's unique identifier that holds the player's information such as name, nickname, age, ID, status, nationality, and social media like (Discord, Instagram, Facebook).
  • Unique username & National Number
  • Custom link to your profile
Figure Livaat ID without social media account
  • Integrates with social media platforms
  • This ID is exchangeable and transferable To Other users
  • Your unique Passport to the virtual worlds
  • create your Citizenship
  • Your license at the Metaverse
Graphical user interface, application

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Livaat ID Functions

Figure Livaat ID
To get started, you'll need to create an ID and password. You can do this by clicking on the "Register" button in the top right corner of the page. This will allow you to have private property in Livaatverse, yours and yours alone. When others scan your ID, they'll know it belongs to you. In Livaatverse, your ID is like a passport. You can use it to get around more easily and gain permissions quicker.
The personal ID is considered a title deed that can be transferred and sold from one player to another, and the data is changed according to the new player while keeping his ID number as a unique token with the ID.
  • Access to different locations within the Livaatverse
  • Get verified anywhere when needed
  • Introduce yourself to the community
  • Get Scanned and Grow your community
Graphical user interface, application

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QR code

Unique QR code Generator for Livaatverse Community Growth
Scan people to add them to Livaat community (Livaat App + Website)

Future of Livaat ID

Figure Livaat QR code

Your ID is NFT and linked with Blockchain

Exchange ID with different Metaverses

Rankings for Livaat ID

Having a ranking and rating Linked with Memberships model for players gives them motivation and a sense of challenge within the LivaatVerse
Therefore, particular identities were created that contain medals and special symbols /Awards that enable a player to gain Special features inside the Metaverse

Graphical user interface, application

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Social Media Buttons

Figure Social media integrations
Attract users to have the function to Share and expand your community Across platforms to increase population and get more followers over other platforms

National Number

Generated based on users count + nationality
Each country Has its prefix Ex. Jordan (JO.)
VIP members have the credibility to preserve the unique numbers
Standard members will have random Generated Numbers

Elevator Pitch


Invest in Land
Buy Home
Buy Deewan


Book conference
Host meeting
Customize your building
Customize your Space
Get your Space in one of the fields/parks


User uniqueness
More content
Grow your community
Open more spaces
Exclusive content
Get exposure and

Financial services

  • Add your Wallet
  • Make Transactions
  • Buy NFT
  • Earn from Games
  • Earn from UGC portal
  • Collect your profit
  • Pay for your favorite experience
  • Content


  • Learning Experiences
  • Event participation
  • Fair participation
  • Explore tourism spaces
  • Get consolation in one of the fields and meet experts
  • Explore meditation and relaxation content
  • Play games


  • Meta Platforms, Inc.
  • Tencent Holdings Ltd.
  • ByteDance Ltd.
  • NetEase, Inc.
  • Nvidia Corporation
  • Epic Games, Inc.
  • Roblox Corporation
  • Unity Technologies, Inc.
  • Lilith Games
  • Nextech AR Solutions Corp.
  • The Sandbox
  • Active Theory
  • Decentraland
  • Microsoft Corporation

Metaverse Audience

Gen Z and millennials are valuable target audiences. These consumers rely on technology and already use some forms of Metaverse, such as virtual reality.

Lands and NFTs

It is part of the Livaatverse infrastructure, and its surface could host buildings, businesses, homes, and digital twins.


The Golden Ratio is a mathematical ratio. It is commonly found in nature, and when used in a design, it fosters organic and natural-looking compositions that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. This harmony and proportion have been recognized for thousands of centuries: from the Pyramids in Giza to the Parthenon in Athens. Our bodies and faces even follow the mathematical ratio. You’ll find this beautiful creature throughout nature's forms—ferns, flowers, seashells, even hurricanes—which is perhaps why we find it so visually appealing because it is, indeed, nature at its finest.


Our verse map is Created Through the expansion of the Fibonacci spiral in different ways allowing us to make a unique grid
Fibonacci spiral
A picture containing text Description automatically generated
Array with island

Land at LivaatVerse

A ” LAND” is a digital piece of real estate in The LivaatVerse that users can buy to build experiences on top of. Lands are blockchain-backed tokens (using non-fungible tokens, NFTs) that represent physical parcels of The LivaatVerse.
They allow users to own a portion of the verse and thus be able to build their places and host their clients on their land. Land in LivaatVesre is permanently owned by Central Owners, giving them complete control over the land sale and creation; users can buy lands to create, experience, and monetize content and applications; users are the citizen of livaatVesre they can move around freely and use all the services available in verse and buy assets, NFTs, rent places and start a business.
Limited number of lands close to the central owned by stakeholders and the sponsors at LivaatVesre


Owned by Livaatverse, contains unsellable lands, providing services to the citizens in different fields.

Founders Islands

(spreads lands) - Lands owned by users can be bought, sold, and traded. They are Giving them complete control over their creations.
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Limited number of lands close to the central owned by stakeholders and the sponsors at LivaatVesre
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Citizenship ship For livaatverse

Levels of Citizenship

Founders 1k


  • All Founders will Receive rewards of about 10% of all shares with special dashboard access to see total revenue
  • Sell his share
  • Play to earn property and exclusive assets
  • Buy And Sell Real Estate ( with NFT )
  • Get a livaatverse Island zone with the ability to sell later ( with NFT )
  • Discount 10% on all paid content
  • Get revenue share for commerce occurring on land plus rental opportunities for others to host experiences on your land.
  • Access the Private stage voting zone and become a decision-maker at livaatverse
  • Get early access to new NFT Space, Avatar, and Object projects within Stage verse.
  • Open all doors and get priority access to all zones and servers
  • Enhanced map visibility based on various factors, including the length of ownership, space engagement, and other factors.
  • Ability to create private alliance groups controlled by the founder
  • Special avatar / unique nickname ( lord )
  • Special building on the island
  • Faster access / having special transportation tools


Revenue streams

Benefits for Livaat leader’s 100kusers

  • All Founders will Receive rewards of about 5% of all shares with special dashboard access to see total revenue
  • Sell his share
  • Special lands at residential zone
  • Buy And Sell Real Estate ( with NFT )
  • Get a livaatverse Island zone with the ability to sell later ( with NFT )
  • Discount 5% on all paid content
  • Get early access to new NFT Space, Avatar, and Object projects within Stage verse.
  • Open all doors and get priority access to all zones and servers
  • Enhanced map visibility based on various factors, including the length of ownership, space engagement, and other factors.
  • Faster access / having special transportation tools
  • Special lands in a residential zone




B2B integration / business models


Events and conferences

Medical and health care



User experience


The Assistant is a small flying companion that will stay with the user.

Why uses the Assistant?

Help the user by making some activities easier or completing some activities possible.


The user will be able to change the color of the Assistant, size, etc.

Assistant functionality

The Assistant can change its form into a screen

The Assistant can change into a screen to let the user enjoy or show people the video.
How are we going to play this video? Well, there are multiple ways, such as:
-Playing videos from a set of videos saved in the project.
-Playing videos from YouTube.
-Playing videos from the gallery.

Pet assistant

The Assistant can turn into a pet that the user can customize, pet, make dance, bark/meow.


The Assistant can change into a skateboard/hoverboard/bike/motorbike that lets the user travel between Livaat buildings.


Let's say you don't have a mic but want to communicate well; the Assistant will help by showing the text you write to other users or maybe saying it in a robotic voice known as text to speech.


The Assistant shall be the tour guide for the first visit and teach you all about what is inside of Livaatverse

Play Music

The Assistant can play music, but how?
Well, there are a couple of ways, such as:
-play from YouTube. (A potential collab)
-play from Spotify. (A possible collab)
-play from Anghami. (A potential collab)
-play from a set of music already in the application
-play from already saved music on the device.

Play the latest news

Instead of the old boring way of reading what's new in the application, the Assistant can play already recorded news, or live to the users, like a radio.
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