LivaatVerse represents the second phase in our long-term mission to redefine digital and online events. It’s a world where every content creator can build their own space without the physical world's limitations. Livaatverse represents an immersive experience, a 3D Ecosystem that blends your Virtual world with your physical experience; Livaatverse allows you to build, Grow and explore different Communities depending on your Citizen's interests. Livaatverse is a scalable, persistent network of interconnected virtual worlds focused on real-time interaction where people can work, socially interact, transact, play and even create. Livaatian citizens can interact together and create social interactions. With an economic system, fully digital marketplaces, and purely digital transactions in the Livaatverse to Function and experience Different Fields. Livaatverse is built based on tangible assets and functions that serve users in different life fields. LivaatVerse transforms the 2D digital live-streaming experience into a seamless 3D environment that bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds. Guided by the knowledge of our community using various computer operating systems and a variety of devices, LivaatVerse is a platform that would have a low barrier of entry but still deliver a robust experience, deliver a sense of presence, and encourage participation. We produced user requirements and developed questions regarding the functionality and usability of possible platform solutions. In keeping with that vision, LivaatVerse was established to meet the demand of the metaverse industry; we immediately started action into the revolution of the symbiotic relationship between people, media, and technology. It offered cross-platform support, and real-time interactions and access were available worldwide. We selected a Virtual world that includes a business-centric Expo environment, Universities, Shopping centers, NFTs galleries, and Virtual tourism. We worked intensively to customize and develop the virtual world for our specific needs. LivaatVerse has vast experience in virtualization, with significant emphasis on live shows, social meetups, and content creation.