In 2019, LivaatVerse was launched with its first application, Livaat, which is a live-streaming app. Due to the pandemic, the performing arts industry has been negatively affected by the closure of physical venues and the implementation of social distancing protocols. Livaat has emerged as a crucial platform and application for businesses that want to keep the momentum in media casting and streaming services. Livaat serves as a virtual facilitator that connects event creators with event viewers through its streaming desktop application and mobile app. It enables event creators to reach a wider audience without being constrained by geography and physical venues. This app is ideal for live performances, events, and shows of all kinds, including those organized by performing artists, entertainers, conference organizers, and wedding planners. The team behind LivaatVerse started developing Livaat VR in early 2022 to create a more immersive platform that allows viewers to experience shows with all their senses. It has since evolved into LivaatVerse, which is a completely virtual world that offers users a range of experiences. It is not limited to live shows and experiences using 360-degree technology but rather an integrated world where users can own, invent, discover, and build the unimaginable in the real world.

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