LivaatVerse Treasury

LivaatVerse treasury is part of LivaatVerse's infrastructure, often referred to as "Capital," and stands as the bedrock upon which LivaatVerse's aspirations are built. Which embodies a strategic financial reservoir that powers LivaatVerse's growth and innovation. Comprising 75% of LivaatVerse's overall structure, the treasury plays a pivotal role in shaping LivaatVerse's trajectory.
Within this treasury, diverse allocations are meticulously structured: 12.5% each for "Angel's Share" and "Rare's Share," 20% for "Perceiver's Share," and a significant 30% dedicated exclusively to "Winners of Pioneers Incentives programs", celebrating the ingenious minds driving progress. An additional 25% fosters widespread innovation, bestowed upon the entire LivaatVerse community through "Donations/Awards/Innovation.".
Infrastructure Representing 25% of the overall structure, this segment signifies the tangible manifestation of LivaatVerse's vision. Connected intricately with the treasury through a symbiotic relationship, the infrastructure draws sustenance from the treasury's vitality. As funds flow from the treasury, they breathe life into the infrastructure, fueling its expansion, and development.
LivaatVerse Treasury chart