1- Rewarding system

To incentives users to engage more and adopt good behavior, Livaatverse provides multiple reward models:
  • Explore to earn model Learn to earn model
  • Play-to-earn model
P2E is a simple business model where players can play and earn cryptocurrency, so players will get the real-world value of finishing and winning games.
  • Watch to earn model no need for this model

2- Verified identity system

Livaatverse supports non-transferred verified identities to reduce scams and increase platform security. By using Blockchain technology, every user will have his own address that cannot be tampered with or duplicated, which will solve the issue and verify users and reduce scams and increase platform integrity, authenticity, and confidentiality.

3- Anti-harassment platform

4- High Privacy

Blockchain technology provides many features like decentralization which gives integrity, authenticity, and confidentiality. While fetching the user's address and checking his privileges, access points, and rights, no one can invade another’s personal information or gain access to personal data unless he has approval from the owner himself, and only the owner can give such access.

5- Unique user experience

  • Learning Experiences
  • Event participation
  • Fair participation
  • Explore tourism spaces
  • Get consolation in one of the fields and meet experts
  • Explore meditation and relaxation content
  • Play games

6- Fractionalized NFTs

Livaatverse supports dividing some NFTs into smaller pieces, allowing different people to claim partial ownership of the same NFT to give users different economic levels a fair opportunity to own NFTs

7- Community-oriented platform

8- Community Governance

Treasury 75% of the revenue is forwarded to feed livaatTreasury. Below is a graph that illustrates the treasury share distribution:
Governance NFT holders can participate in Governance decisions using a DAO structure. They can exercise voting rights on critical elements such as grant attributions, protocol improvements, and feature prioritization on the platform Roadmap. NFT voting power is variant based on many factors like NFT type and other factors to be announced in the whitepaper
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