Enabling Livaatverse is a continuous, non-stop, and cumulative effort distributed over different scopes and areas of development. The followings are our approaches to helping our Livaatverse platform and ecosystem:

  1. Content Development

    1. Development Tools and Game Engines enable us to produce high-quality graphic design and 3D creative content tools.

    2. 3D Modeling toolkits and programs.

    3. Programming content algorithms and scenarios with professional coding technologies and experts.

    4. VR studios equipped with special tools

  2. Hosting Environment and Storage

    1. Database structure and architecture design.

    2. Storage servers’ capacity and integration.

    3. Code and algorithms storage.

  3. Data Transfer and Content Delivery Networks

Delivering the vast amount of data created without delay is critical, regardless of concurrent requests or multiplayer. Since we are connecting our delivery system with the leading transmission networks and CDNs worldwide to secure a fast, reliable, and highly available delivery to the end user; moreover, the support of adopting new technologies like FTTH and 5G will enable a high-quality and sustainable delivery of Livaatverse content and experiences.

  1. Data Processing and Rendering

To optimize the data transfer between the end user devices, PC, smartphone, or headsets, local servers are required to limit the data transfer and optimize the connectivity required; spatial (quantum) edge computing is used for specific applications and services.

  1. Immersive XR Technologies (VR/AR/MR)

Digital content extension for content view or experience is critical for enabling Livaatverse, where extraordinary, unique virtual/augmented reality provides robust high graphics quality and the fastest high-resolution content viewership.

  1. User Engagement and Interaction

Enabling Livaatverse requires more user interaction in various domains, for instance, motion, display, and voice. Integrating more controllers and sensors is at the core of our development and roadmap.

  1. Decentralization and Blockchain

Monetizing digital content, commercializing businesses, and enabling users’ transactions, activities, and the economic model within Livaatverse is the ultimate goal for our blended reality. Blockchain technology is the foundation for enabling users' digital identities (IDs), avatars, and wallets inside Livaatverse. Marketplaces for digital content and NFTs and supplying Livaa Token (Livaatverse digital coin) are essential elements to enable the Livaatverse economic model.

  1. Governance and Authorization

Legalization, security, and authorization are highly considered within Livaatverse through our platform integration with highly safe and secure cybersecurity services.

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