Mission and vision

- To Build Community

livaatverse has been designed from the ground up to create an active and engaged community of investors, players, and aspiring Blockchain enthusiasts. The community will work together to shape the direction of livaatverse development, features, and updates via Twitter, discord, and telegram. Transparency and honesty are the foundation of all that we do in the Livaatverse community. Every day, these groups will be updated with new announcements and AMA sessions where the founders answer all of your Meta wizard related questions. we aim to take the metaverse to a new era, there will be lots of events, a metaverse demo release and much more, we will be very close with our community and hear all the feedback and much more, and everyone will grow as part of shared metaverse, the community will play a key role in shaping the development of livaatverse.

- Building economic ecosystem


of fully digital marketplaces and purely digital transactions in the Livaatverse to introduce the NFTs in a usable and different way in the Blockchain instead of just owning a unique digital asset. This will bring a new era of NFTs to the world. Players can truly own, buy, sell, and trade resources they own in livaatverse. Our mission is to take crypto adoption and metaverse to the next level.We believe Blockchain is the most important invention of our time; we want to build a new opportunity for the world (investors and gamers) to invest and play blockchain empowers all of us to create independent and more equitable ecosystems and build new opportunities, our main goal is to move all of the features that Blockchain offers and finding ways to accelerate mass adoption to the Blockchain and metaverse.

- To Function and experience Different Fields

Livaatverse is built based on real assets and functions that serve users within different fields of life

- Help shape and redefine the metaverse in the region

- To Build the Livaatverse ecosystem

- Help improve the digital content in the region