LivaatVerse started with Livaat Application (Live streaming app) in 2019. The performing arts sector has been negatively impacted by the closure of physical venues and the new social distancing requirements. Many artists and institutions had their performances put on hold for an indefinite time. By employing the latest technologies, Livaat emerges as an essential platform and application for forward-thinking businesses that want to keep the momentum in the field of media casting and streaming services. Simply put, Livaat is a virtual facilitator between event creators and event viewers. It has a streaming desktop application for event creators and a mobile app that utilizes mobile numbers for event viewers. Livaat is a futuristic stage that liberates event creators from the limitations of geography and venues and enables them to reach a wider audience with great ease. This exclusive app is ideal for all types of live performances, events, and shows. Performing artists, entertainers, conference organizers, and wedding planners are among many who can avail from the benefits Livaat brings to life. At the beginning of 2022, the team started developing Livaat VR as more immersed platform to live the show with all your senses, not just looking at it then it enhanced to LivaatVerse, which represents a completely virtual world with many experiences where it became not limited to live shows and experiences using 360-degree technology, but rather an integrated world where you can own, invent, discover and build the unimaginable in the real world.