1- leased assets

1.1 Buildings

  • Shopping mall
  • GVEC
  • Cinema

1.2 Ads banners

Companies are interested in advertising at Livaatverse can user livaatverse ads banners.

1.3 Vehicles

Users can travel to certain places in Livaatverse through different types of vehicles, e.g., boot, planes, cars, skateboards, bikes, etc. vehicles are NFT-based assets that could be rented.

2- Tickets

NFT-based tickets are issued to access the following services:
  • Conference
  • Concert
  • Cinema
  • Theater
  • Transportation

3- Certificates

  • Academic certificates
  • Certificate of organs

4- Miscellaneous assets builders

Livaatverse not only provides curated NFT assets but also lets users build or import their own NFT assets and sell them in the marketplace. Worth mentioning that every piece in Livaatverse is digitized as an NFT asset to create a new innovative economic model. These assets include but are not limited to the below list:
  • Wearable
To customize the user's avatar, wearable NFT assets based on the ERC1155 standard are provided.
  • Construction
Landowners can start to build and construct this land to build whatever wanted, e.g., buildings, businesses, homes, and digital twins.
  • Decoration
of NFT-based assets for interior and exterior design and decoration. These assets are provided by livaatverse company or the community.